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Our Story
Dovetail was founded on the belief that architectural design excellence – architecture that goes above and beyond functionality and enables positivity – is an essential element for quality of life and experience.

Dovetail’s founder, Susanna Sirefman, recognized that organizations looking to grow, re-position, become more accessible, and enhance their visibility did not know where to turn to discover true distinction in design that was as inspired as their respective missions. Born out of an understanding that these institutions, their staff, visitors, and surrounding communities require—deserve—world-class design excellence, Susanna established Dovetail and introduced a far more tailored, nuanced, inclusive, and cost-effective approach to design procurement than was available.

Since its formation in 2008, Dovetail’s pre-project strategy and critically vital architect and design team development for the cultural, civic, institutional, and developer markets has raised the bar for design excellence for major capital projects across the country.

Dovetail champions diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability, and our holistic approach harnesses the commitments and deep values held by our clients’ constituents and stakeholders. Dovetail’s nuanced and unique perspective guides our clients to select the right firm or multi-disciplinary design team that will not only craft an enhanced, future-proofed experience-both pragmatically and aesthetically - but one whose inspirational design makes an impact for years to come.

Dovetail works purposefully with clients, guiding them through the architect selection process and ensuring a match that results in smooth implementation, world-class architecture, and ultimately, experiential storytelling.

Our goal is to bring the most qualified, multidimensional design team to your project, thereby bringing your mission to life through visionary, exquisite, and highly efficient architecture.







urbanSHED International Design Competition, AIANY Center for Architecture Manhattan, New York
Dovetail’s Founder
Susanna Sirefman is the Founder and President of Dovetail Design Strategists.

Dovetail’s founder, Susanna Sirefman, draws from extensive knowledge of the latest design and building trends, providing her clients with unmatched access to both emerging and acclaimed talent in architecture. Trained as an architect at the renowned Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, England, Susanna’s deep knowledge of the field informs her ability to advise on design, synthesize architectural concepts, making architecture accessible to the public.

“The most vital decision for an institution when planning a new building, expansion, or major renovation is their choice of architect.”
Portland Museum of Art Campus Unification + Expansion International Design Competition
Portland, Maine LEVER Architecture Presentation
New York Restoration Project EDGEucation Pavilion Design Competition
Site Tour, Harlem, New York
Behind Dovetail Design Strategists is a network of experienced professionals and industry leaders to ensure that project visions will be brought to life with exceptional quality and attention to detail.
Our Name
The Dovetail name symbolizes a singular pursuit—to perfectly match the needs and ideals of clients with world-class architecture and design.
The meaning of the word dovetail and the concept from which it originates perfectly represent Dovetail’s ethos and operations.

In negotiation, the term dovetailing refers to creating shared value by identifying differences in interests and priorities and making them fit based on strategic decision-making and problem-solving. Dovetail’s bespoke architect and design team selection process enables smooth project implementation so that the design and construction phase of complex, high-profile projects can proceed seamlessly.
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