Our Process
Portland Museum of Art Campus Unification + Expansion International Design Competition
Concept Design Gallery Photo: Portland Museum of Art, Maine
A Tailored,
Inclusive Approach
Dovetail tailors its methodology and competitive selection process to each project’s unique needs and aspirations. Being fully immersed in client goals allows Dovetail to thoughtfully lead its clients to inspired architect shortlists and winning designs.
Dovetail understands that all organizations have their own nuances and each selection process requires flexibility; therefore, Dovetail’s methodology follows three distinct phases: Discovery, Development, and Execution.


In the Discovery phase, Dovetail carefully listens to clients to determine their aspirations, objectives, and goals, liaising with stakeholders, board committees, senior leadership, and constituent groups to gain consensus. During the Dovetail process all voices are heard.


In the Development phase, Dovetail carefully considers each client’s unique timeframe and budget considerations while synthesizing all moving parts of the project to arrive at a unified vision. Dovetail evaluates the project as a whole, pulling all components together to ascertain the exact category of architect and ideal design team composition for communicating the client’s distinct mission.


Launching and leading the entire selection process is the Execution phase. Dovetail prides itself on its ability to meet aggressive deadlines, adhere to strict budgetary constraints and lead a transparent, thorough and equitable decision-making process. Inclusive community events, public outreach, and enhanced fund-raising opportunities are built-in aspects of the Dovetail process.